Rikon Floor Drill Press

Anyone looking to purchase a drill press should strongly consider the 17″ Rikon 30-230 Floor Drill Press. Available for around $630 online, this model is strong enough to handle commercial use while still in an affordable price range for any serious do-it-yourselfer.

The Rikon 30-230 has tons of torque, offering a full one horsepower motor. This powerhouse offers 16 different speeds from 200 to 3,630 RPM, allowing for intricate work as well as heavy-duty work. A handy chart offers information regarding the best speeds for specific materials as a quick and easy reference.

In addition, Rikon builds all their drill presses to withstand years of use. Cast iron handles are not subject to the potential breaking and cracking of other types of material, making this a product that just may outlast the lifetime of its original owner. Solid steel construction in parts where cast iron is not appropriate adds even more durability to this machine.

Rikon 30-230 floor drill press

Technical Specs
+ 1-horsepower TEFC motor
+ 16 spindle speeds from 220 to 3,630 RPM
+ Rack and pinion table height adjustment
+ Solid steel with cast iron construction for durability
+ Head tilts 45 degrees right or left
+ The 14-inch by 14-inch table includes slots for quick mounting of your jigs, vises, and figure

On the front of the head, a built-in light ensures the entire drill bench is easily visible. Angle drillers will appreciate the ability to turn the head a full 45 degrees to either side. Plus, there are slots under the table to place any necessary tools or accessories such as vises and jigs, preventing you from having to leave your project once you have started it.

Due to the size and power of this particular model, small drill bits may not work easily. This is perfectly normal for large drill presses, and an easy solution to this problem is to purchase a portable chuck (available for around $30). Then, just place the smaller chuck into the larger one and the problem is solved! The Rikon 30-230 is perfect for both serious home workshop needs as well as commercial endeavors. With a two year warranty, this product is sure to please. As you might expect, we have several other drill press reviews here.

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