Delta Laser Drill

The Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press is basically a professional drill press, but one that you can fit and use in your garage.

It features a massive motor meant for high performance and an Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System for quick and painless speed changes. It certainly stands alone with its unique features. Precision drilling won’t be a problem, as the Delta has sixteen different speeds for a variety of materials. The rack-and-pinion height can be adjusted easily on the woodworker’s table. The height levels lock permit easy angle alterations from the top of the table while the laser directly you to drill accurately. With the laser and the LED light illuminate light visibility is never compromised.

Delta 18-900L
Technical Specs
Size: 18″
Motor: 3/4 Horsepower
Motor Control: On/Off Rocker Switch
Speeds: 16 (170-3000)
Table Size: 20 x 14 “
Table Tilt: L/R 0-90, Forward 0-48 °
Table Insert: 3.75 x 3.75 x 0.75
Column Diameter: 80 mm
Spindle Taper: Morse #2
Chuck Taper: Jacobs #3
Quill Diameter: 52 mm
Quill Stroke: 6 “

The 18-900L Press is unlike many other drill presses due to the time it saves with the Auto Tensioning Belt Drive System. This features guarantees speedy and smooth changes as well as increases transmission productivity with the belt tension and motor alignment. This belt drive system allows for repetitive drilling without any stopping or complicating procedures. This press can challenge demanding projects with its ¾-horsepower induction motor. The press uses an enlarged woodworker’s table with design that bevel zero to ninety degrees left and right, as well as tilts forward zero to forty eight degrees. The table has T-lots for clamping, and a detachable center insert for throw the table drilling.

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